From June 2012

Artist at work : Hyun-Hee Lee

As she had been at the National Arts School all the time, I easily reminded her whenever I passed that area. This year, she came out of her studio at the NAS by unintended chance and has broadened her activity even planning the residency in China. When I asked to photograph her as the part of my project ‘Artist at Work’, she was happy to be involved without hesitation and I was invited to her home studio in Paddington: I guess, she hardly gets out of this area even though she is out of the uni.

It was the first time I visited her place but somehow one of my image scripts in my head was in the garden before I knew there would be one. I naturally connected her installation work ‘One thousand wishes’ from her honours degree graduation exhibition to the green tree garden.

The other main concept of photography came from the painting ‘Confessions’ series which I saw them as her work for the first time. Her emotion layered in different colours.



The first year, 2009 when I saw the light picture on the Sydney Opera House, I was happy that someone had the same idea with me for the way of the appreciation of the beauty of this architecture after sun goes down and actually acted on that. Brian Eno was the first curator of this fresh concept of light and music festival. Unfortunately I lost all my photos of this year by the extra hardware storage malfunction. This incident gave me several thought along with the futility of this digital image era.

Vivid Sydney 2010 St. Mary's Cathedral

In the second year, the Macquarie street joined and St. Mary’s Cathedral became the centre point of this light festival. The illumination of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music created the hallucination of the island of paradise. Laurie Anderson, the co-curator with Lou Reed, shared the extra pleasure for the audience with her talk about NASA residency art project experience. Most of all, the Creative Sydney offered fresh and absolutely creative seminars, performances and music events at the MCA entitling the Vivid as the festival of ‘Light, Music and Ideas’.


Vivid Sydney 2010, St. Mary's Cathedral
Vivid Sydney 2010, The Sydney Conservatorium of Music


The 2011 Vivid is my favourite so far, especially the fantastic Opera house light designed by ‘Superbien’ as the word itself say, ‘Super good!’ The Customs House created spectacular building interactive 3D projection. The Sony lounge at the Opera House studio held the light and music party with insects beating rhythms on electric music instruments. At the end of the night, the bowl of noodle under the light rain added the mood.

Vivid Sydney 2011, the Rocks
Vivid Sydney 2011, Sydney Opera House
Vivid Sydney 2011, Sydney Opera House
Vivid Sydney 2011


Now 2012, I can confirm the popularity of this festival surrounded by the packed crowd. I would say this year’s Vivid is ‘Interactive’ and more conceptual than visualisation. I loved the surrealistic SF effect box, standing for a quite while.

Vivid Sydney 2012
Vivid Sydney 2012
Vivid Sydney 2012