I can say that it started with new work processing for the printmaking exhibition ‘Marked by Water’ although I can trace back to the old work ‘Fish Moons’.

Even after I created the new work ‘Wave’ for the exhibition and it travelled Curve Gallery in New Castle and Warringah Printmakers Studio Gallery in Sydney, I didn’t recognised the ‘dot’ significantly.

Then I went back to my soft ground plate to work on it. The dot appeared to me bigger this time. How effective and fascinating with own unique character!

Now I can empathise the feeling of John Baldessari ‘s delight when he was placing dots on people’s faces. Now I can understand Yayoi Kusama’s dot obsession.

It is hard to define the meaning of ‘dot’ in my works yet as I just started with it. I put the mark of dot for the new exciting beginning.

The ‘Wave’ will be shown at Angel Restaurant Gallery in Queenscliff in August.

'Wave' for the exhibition 'Marked by Water'
'Fish Moons' Triptych Aluminium plate etching
A part of the work on progress


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