7 Cardinal Sins


This year, I joined in ‘Fringe Arts at the Forum‘ as the part of Sydney Fringe Festival again with new body of photograph work, ‘7 Cardinal Sins’.

One of admirable artists, Hieronymus Bosch painted ‘The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things’ with the eye of God in the centre of the paint symbolizing that no sins can be hidden.

I inserted my own interpretation with self performance rather than religious theme aspect.

: ‘Pride’ as narcissism and pedantic attitude,

 ‘Gluttony’ as beyond limit of food consumption,

 ‘Greed’ as endless thirst of materialism,

 ‘Wrath’ as out-of-controlled anger,

 ‘Envy’ as blindness of jealousy,

 ‘Lust’ as hypocritical desire,

 ‘Sloth’ as the irritating sluggard following the Proverbs in the Bible  ” As vinegar to the teeth, and as smoke to the eyes, so is the sluggard to them that send him” and as the extreme laziness following the Korean folklore about the lazy wife who starved to death because she couldn’t reach her tong to rice cakes on her forehead of the face which her husband place them on while her husband was away quite for a while.

 Strolling around the gallery on my minding day, I felt feministic sense strongly from other participating artists’ works presented in each own medium including the book of photographs with storytelling,  silkscreen printing, sculpture, installation, drawing and painting.  

7 Cardinal Sins 'Envy'

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