From January 2014

Crossing Boundaries

 After spending the last month of year 2013 in Korea during winter, I crossed over to 30 °C to Sydney and started new year 2014 with the exhibition ‘Crossing Boundaries‘.

The founding director of Cultural Partnership Australia, Catherine Croll curated this show comprising of diverse art works by Asian artists based in Australia with the interpretation of the theme ‘Horse’ for the year of the horse.

It is great to see my photograph works together with the talented artists’ works, and meeting with these artists.

It rekindled the lingering feeling of a warm heart which I appreciated the most during my visit in Korea, like a thermos flask from my friend.

My friend and I were having a delightful chat over warm sake in Seoul and she offered me the hot tea from her thermos which she was carrying all day. I praised the quality of the thermos as it kept the tea hot till the end of the day. Without hesitation, she gave me her thermos. What I received was not just a thermos flask but it was a warm heart which filled in the flask.

'Easter Picnic, Hope' and 'Dreamfield I' along with Akira Kamada's 'Centering Across Time' and Mai Nguyen-Long's 'Mongrel Horse' in Exhibition 'Crossing Boundaries'