From July 2014

Broken Hill

After 14 hours straight drive from Sydney, we started the Broken Hill tour by staring into the void over the horizon at Mundi Mundi Plain Lookout, imagining ‘Mad Max’. And then moved to Silverton, the abandoned once-booming mining town. Now it is a small tourist town but I’d rather say it’s an artistic town with ruins. The big sign ‘Cafe’ allured to lunch and I found the familiar image of bottles by the window from a tourist web site. I had to photograph this, even though it was a commercial scene, since the scene had appeal with the warm welcoming with delicious local homemade meal and rain drop water.

From the Palace hotel, where I enjoyed the gorgeous Fresco-like mural paintings and old deco room, we moved to Kinchega National Park Shearers Quarters for a bit more wild Outback experience. As no one else was staying there, we were enjoying the whole lounge area and the surrounded bush with firing woods and night photography along with kangaroo sounds to ourselves.

Next morning, I found the semi-dried Menindee lake scene, which I was looking for, at the town called ‘Sunset Strip’. I was too excited and overwhelmed by the scenery and had to control myself for creating images.

I wished to have a longer journey to explore the area properly with 4 wheels – due to the copious amount of unsealed roads – but happy to have this petit experience after longing for visiting this area since being in Australia.