By Soyoun Kim

Photographer, Photomedia artist

Dark Mofo 2015

I have wanted to visit Mona (Museum of New and Old) in Tasmania and saw the chance to visit during the Dark Mofo event along with the Hobart Winter Festival.
It was rather like ‘Light in the Dark’ festival with beautiful luminescent installations. Melting the cold body with warm Gin, the two days of light show was memorable. James Turrell’s optical illusion even deceived the freezing temperature at sunset hours. Marina Abramovic’s collective works were at the Mona, as well as her taking artist residency in Sydney after being invited by philanthropist, John Kaldor. I left Mona leaving the tempting items at the souvenir shop which were scented vagina soaps each named after the actual models from the moulded art works. And was thinking about the motivation of the artist who created the faeces machine, and the artist telling us what it said about contemporary art.
I had even become greedy with the short journey and scheduled Cradle Mountain for a taste of hiking as I never been there before. And have to admit that the long hours of planning had been paid off. I was in wonderland while walking the enchanted rainforest. The mountain with winter clouds along with lakes gave me the sense of oriental ‘sumie’ style landscape painting.
While I was editing images I have realised again that I have a tendency to photograph landscape in portrait format. Had better say vertical format rather than in portrait format for scenery. With this personal reason, I never liked the definition of ‘landscape’ and ‘portrait’ in format.
The winter journey ended at the little town, Launceston, where I saw the Cataract George’s interesting rock cliffs, even sharing the journey story with the local newspaper journalists who were surveying tourists in the area.
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Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology 2015

I have been selected as one of 100 finalists in the Aesthetica Art Prize 2015, an international award that attracted over 3,500 entries from artists in over 60 countries worldwide. And my work ‘Cadavre Exquis I’, which I created for the creative collaboration project ‘Cadavre Exquis‘, has been published in an anthology, Future Now.

The book features creative working in all media, including painting, photography, installation, sculpture, three dimensional design, drawing and film. It is an inspiring compendium of artistic talent from around the world, and contains essays by influential art figures including Clare Grafik, Head of Exhibitions at The Photographers’ Gallery London and Sarah Perks, Artistic Director (Visual Art & Film) at HOME Manchester.

100 long listed works are also displayed on monitors in the exhibition space at York St Mary’s, UK, along with 8 exhibiting finalists : “Order and chaos, the global and the domestic, fear and trust, globalisation and consumerism are all themes that run through this year’s works as they attempt to explore our existence in the world and ultimately make sense of it.” by Aesthetica Magazine.

Cherie Federico, Director and Curator of the Aesthetica Art Prize, comments: “This year’s longlist raises the bar for creative excellence. These recommended artists draw upon a range of influences to create something original and interdisciplinary, and the book is an exciting presentation spanning a range of media. Each work comments on issues relevant in today’s society, and offers a momentary pause from everyday life to reflect on both our universal and individual experiences.”