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Artist at work – Min-Woo Bang

The Breeze and Monet……if I have to express in certain vocabulary, that is my impression about the artist Min-Woo Bang’s paintings.

The first chance I got to know his works was when I joined in the exhibition ‘Together in Harmony for 50 years’ held in Seoul, Korea in 2011. It was the special group exhibition comprising 100 Australian and Korean artist who based in Australia to celebrate the 50 year friendship between Korea and Australia organized by KWASS (Korea Women Art Society in Sydney).

After over 8000 km journey, I travelled 5 km to the artist’s small private studio and saw the painter was swept into the landscape on the canvas.

Artist at work – Rachel Park

I met Rachel in the Sydney Biennale last year while helping Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa’s installation works. She was so excited to be there surrounded by green baskets. I saw her toilet paper works at Plump gallery for the first time. The elegant layers were draped on the wall in a whole room by the big window. And then another big installation was in Gosford Regional gallery when she was selected as the  2011 Emerging art prize finalist. The wave or tangled vine like toilet papers were laid on the floor and gently breathing.  The recent new work was created under the A.R.P.(Artist Residency Program). I visited her while she was communing with the toilet papers in the middle of the 3-month the Rocks residency.  She told me she has strong intimate feeling with the fragile toilet papers. The white toilet papers are reformed and re-functioned out of the original purpose from when they were manufactured. And they are telling the story with the gentle gesture.