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Artist at work : Misim Song

The mood from the artist Misim Song has recalled me Buddhism without reference to her religion or philosophy. And it was confirmed when I visited her place where the open centre garden was offering a sense of calmness with the minimal decoration of  bamboos and a Buddha head statue. In that garden, the Korean traditional paper ‘Hanji’ had been prepared and was laid for drying before proceeding the long enduring labour for her art work component, rice. Each grain of rice would be coloured individually and posed and glued on to the canvas, one by one. It is natural that the completed works give me the sense of meditation.

Artist at work : Hyun-Hee Lee

As she had been at the National Arts School all the time, I easily reminded her whenever I passed that area. This year, she came out of her studio at the NAS by unintended chance and has broadened her activity even planning the residency in China. When I asked to photograph her as the part of my project ‘Artist at Work’, she was happy to be involved without hesitation and I was invited to her home studio in Paddington: I guess, she hardly gets out of this area even though she is out of the uni.

It was the first time I visited her place but somehow one of my image scripts in my head was in the garden before I knew there would be one. I naturally connected her installation work ‘One thousand wishes’ from her honours degree graduation exhibition to the green tree garden.

The other main concept of photography came from the painting ‘Confessions’ series which I saw them as her work for the first time. Her emotion layered in different colours.