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Sydney Biennale 2012 : All our Relations

I had better describe this year’s Biennale as less exciting, safe, and familiar. ‘The less exciting’ means that at least there was one which elicit the exclamation from me : Philip Beesley’s ‘Hylozoic Series’. This snow crystal like flowers were breathing with me emitting colourful light of life.

Having a glass of wine with the gorgeous Sydney harbour view on the top hill of Cockatoo island, I thought about the theme ‘all our relations’. Yes, they are knotted through stiches, embroidery and weaving.

Philip Beesley 'Hylozoic Series'
Ewa Partum : Installation Metapoetry “A la recherche du temps perdu” according to Marcel Proust
Lyndal Jones ' Rehearsing catastrophe : The ark in Sydney'
Nina Canell and Robin Watkins 'And so entangled in their neighbour's boughs'
Fujiko Nakaya 'Living Chasm'
Erin Manning 'Folds to Infinity'
Cecilia Vicuna 'Quipu that remembers nothing'
Tiffany Singh 'Knock on the sky Listen to the sound'