From October 2011

Expanded Architecture

I can’t help myself  with photographing whenever I visit the Carriageworks whatever happens there. I just fall in love with it like the ‘en plein air’ painter, Jane Bennett ‘s beautiful drawing. This time, I encountered the one night event ‘Expanded architecture’ , the mixed media interpretation of architecture with film screening, performance, and light drawings. Another gorgeous night in the carriageworks.


Among the broad programs of  ‘Sydney Art and About’, the laneway art was most attraction for me as it was like a hide and seek game.  The hidden charm is not only the art works themselves but also laneways where we don’t usually go or look for or don’t know even they were there. This year, Micheal Randy’s ‘act of kindness’ added kindness puzzle pieces to the game as they were spread through the city. And the wrong mapped ‘success lane’ was the trap I had to come over in this game. If I dropped by the shirt bar or ‘bizarre bazaars’ market before, it could been easy.

After the fresh start with Mojito at  ‘La Bodeguita Del Medio’ and  the exuberant expressive cabaret  time in ‘Mad square’ on the first night of  ‘Art and About’,  I ended up Bulletin place to see ‘the amazing rolling picture show’  where I was more delightful by finding a small ramen restaurant and beautiful lighting along with bubble cushions.

And I had to wait another night to see the self guided projection tour ‘Unguarded moments’. Apart from the fact those images are from the archival documentary footage, the old brick wall and night light from surrounded buildings made picturesque scenes.