This semi group/solo exhibition plan started a year ago as we needed to book the Balmain Watch House Gallery at that time. We had regular meetings since.

Exhibition title came: P(painting)erC(ceramics)eP(photography)tion.

Designed the e-invitation.

Art works list of three artists was made:

1. Madonna Munch Self



31.  Three Things Together



55.  Glow                                  

Wrote the Artist statement:  ‘Identity’ is my main theme in my photo media works……………………………………………….. ………………I believe in this medium as its own unique creative expression method not as replication or edition.

Last moment of finalising all assemblage of 30 works: It was hard to make nice frame look with low budget.

One and half days of installation for two and half day exhibition.

Opening night: People who care about my works came along and it cheered me up.

Saturday: The strong line of morning Sun ray was passing self-portraits and landed on the installation work ‘Cabinet of curiosities of identity’ in my exhibition cell room. Originally I wanted display these multi Gum bichromate photo prints in a real cabinet but I couldn’t figure out the proper way especially for this heritage building.

This exhibition gave me the good chance to show this work with the closest way of  the presentation which I wanted including 12 resins of ‘Astrology’, ‘Milk Maid’ on the white tray with resin coating, ‘The portrait of Dorian Gray’, and photopolymer printmaking ‘Cafe Florence’ series.

Sunday: Thought about being an artist and relationship with people around under the nice backyard garden light and finished the show with de-installation, wrapping and carrying back home.

My photomedia works installation view in one of cells at Balmain watch house gallery
My printmaking 'Cafe Florence' series along with Misim Song's paintings and Jinyoung Lee's ceramics.
Balmain Watch House Gallery entrance with my printmaking '3 Flowers'
Balmain Watch House Gallery with the exhibition 'PerCePtion' sign

'The Portrait of Dorian Gray' series in ceramic artist Jinyoung Lee's cell.

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